UBC Reports | Vol. 55 | No. 12 | Dec. 3, 2009

UBC Reports

December 2009

Murder by numbers: Researchers compare the crimes and minds of individual vs. multiple killers

Crime investigators such as the RCMP, FBI and even the CIA have powerful new knowledge at their disposal to potentially help solve murders, thanks to a ground-breaking study involving UBC Okanagan forensic psychology researchers.

by Jody Jacob

Odes to the Olympics

After seven years of Olympic construction, it’s fair to say Vancouverites know a little something about jackhammering and piledriving.

By Basil Waugh

Preparing for the unexpected: Games responders supported by UBC simulation system

Imagine it’s the final minute of the gold-medal match, and Team Canada scores a goal. GM Place starts to shake. You think it’s the excitement of the packed arena and the reverberations of the applause – but it keeps shaking – you realize it’s an earthquake.

By ErinRose Handy

UBC centre leads the way for low-carbon communities

A new 100-year sustainability plan that takes a holistic view of North Vancouver’s environmental impact has netted a prestigious award for that city and the UBC Design Centre for Sustainability.

Building with gingerbread: Engineering students put holiday delight to the test

Ever wondered if your gingerbread house will still be standing by Christmas? Well, worry no more – a couple of UBC engineering students have analyzed the material’s structural strength in a series of “laboratory” tests.

By Hilary Thomson

Fertility drug may be a bitter pill

Making babies with the assistance of fertility drugs helps couples create families, but do we really understand all the impacts of these treatments?

By Hilary Thomson

What to get your dog . . . and other holiday insights from UBC experts

As the holiday season approaches, we asked four UBC experts for their advice on gift-giving, having a sustainable Christmas and how to beat the winter blahs.

By Sean Sullivan

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