Media Advisory | Nov. 3, 2010

UBC experts available to comment on resignation of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell

UBC experts are available to offer a variety of perspectives on today’s resignation of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell.


Prof. Richard Johnston (Available 2-3:30 p.m., after 5:30 p.m.)
Politics, BC Liberal Party impacts, public opinion and policy, HST issue

“Gordon Campbell was elected three times and was premier for 10 years, a major feat,” says Johnston. “But he dug a deep hole with the HST that he and his party couldn’t seem to get out of. It will be interesting to see how BC Liberals will handle the HST issue – it could be a very divisive issue within the party, especially during the upcoming leadership race.”

Prof. Fred Cutler (available for print/radio from 1-5:30 pm today)
Politics, public opinion, polling, elections


Prof. James Brander
UBC Sauder School of Business
604-808-7021 (Cell)
Business, trade, economics, budgets, government, policy, sustainability


Prof. George Hoberg
Faculty of Forestry (contact via iPhone)
Forestry, energy and environmental policy, softwood lumber, trade and environment, Aboriginal land rights

Prof. Charles Menzies
Dept. of Anthropology
Aboriginal issues, environmental policy, fisheries, forestry

Prof. Kathryn Harrison
Political Science Dept.
778-968-4923 (cell)
Environmental laws, carbon tax, politics


Prof. Michelle Stack
Faculty of Education

“There’s no question that education was a priority for Premier Campbell throughout his tenure,” says Stack. “He introduced some positive initiatives like full day kindergarten, but many stakeholders have been justifiably critical of a lack of resources and a lack of consultations with key groups such as teachers.”

Prof. Wayne Ross
Faculty of Education
604-879-7386 (until just 2:50 pm today)
Education policy under Campbell

“Under Campbell, the BC Liberals have successfully imported some of the worst aspects of U.S. education policy, including a perversely narrow focus on test scores as the means evaluating school success,” says Ross. “While the provincial government retains its authority over public education, it no longer undertakes the responsibility of assuring the educational well-being of the public. Instead, this responsibility is devolved to individual school boards that are underfunded and told to focus on ‘cost containment’ rather meeting their educational responsibilities.”

NB. More experts are expected to become available. For updates, contact Basil Waugh, UBC Public Affairs, at 604-822-2048 and

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