UBC Reports | Vol. 57 | No. 3 | Mar. 2, 2011

UBC Reports

March 2011
New protocols could transform telecommunications.

You are the network

How new wireless protocols will handle demand for access and speed

by Lorraine Chan with files from Craig Wilson, ICICS

Before joining UBC, Joseph Caron served as Canada’s ambassador to seven Asian countries, including China, India and Japan. Photo by: Martin Dee

Canada’s man in Asia

After nearly 40 years in Canada’s Foreign Service—where he served as Canada’s top diplomat to Asia – it is fair to say Caron found adventure in spades.

by Basil Waugh

UBC’s Joleen Timko is studying how HIV-affected households in Malawi use forest resources. Photo by Martin Dee.

Forests sustain those living with HIV/AIDS

In rural areas of Malawi, where poverty is widespread and the rates of HIV/AIDS infection are high, one UBC researcher is looking at how the forest is helping to support people.

by Heather Amos

Dominique Dillabough–Lefebure Photographs

Vacation blues: Global tourism can harm communities

You’ve been riding a bus through a foreign country and arrive early in the morning in a town square. As you get off the bus, young boys approach you and start speaking to you. They try several languages—English, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese—waiting for you to pick up on one of them.

by Heather Amos

How can parents prevent teenagers from dropping out of high school?

New UBC research finds that the importance parents place on education at home can play a major factor on teens’ decision to continue high school or drop out.

by Vivian Tran and Basil Waugh

Dr. David Patrick will take up the post of director of the School of Population and Public Health in April. Photo by Martin Dee

UBC’s newest school gets a new director

Ask Dr. David Patrick about Canada’s early explorer David Thompson, and he’ll tell you how his leadership style is still relevant today.

By Patricia Hall

Crocodile tears? Facial clues reveal fake or sincere remorse

A new study led by Leanne ten Brinke, a PhD Candidate of psychology at UBC’s Okanagan campus, investigates how genuine and falsified remorse reveals itself on the human face, and how these facial clues can help detect whether a person is faking regret or sincerely sorry.

by Jody Jacob

Swagata Halder, Graduate Student (left), Dr. Sanjoy Ghosh (right), Laura Baker, Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student (middle). Photo by Jody Jacob

Diet, heart disease and diabetes: What’s the connection?

Certain vegetable oil-based products may increase heart complications in diabetics, says UBC researcher Sanjoy Ghosh.

by Deanna Roberts

Professor Greg Lawrence reads the waves in a six-metre flume. Photo by Martin Dee.

Reflections on academic life

UBC physicists and civil engineers have successfully tested a theory by eminent physicist Stephen Hawking. In 1974, Hawking posited that black holes emit a weak level of radiation even as they exert gravitational pulls so strong that little can escape, not even light. The UBC team published results in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.

by Lorraine Chan

Celebrate Research Week March 4 – 11 2011

Research, the systematic search for new knowledge, happens every day at UBC. Every day, through scholarly publication, new ideas developed here form a platform for further exploration at research institutions around the world. At UBC,
we take one week every year to reflect on, to illuminate and to educate our community about the richness of discovery
in science and the humanities. It’s a week in March to Celebrate Research, a mirror of our September Celebrate Learning Week, and an invaluable window on the best of what remarkable minds are doing in this remarkable place.

By Brian Lin

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