Media Release | Nov. 6, 2012

UBC experts for U.S. election night

UBC experts are available after-hours to comment on the U.S. election results tomorrow night and Wednesday morning. Media and the public are also invited to a Nov. 7 panel discussion of the results, which will be live-blogged.


Richard Johnston
Canada Research Chair in Public Opinion, Elections, and Representation
Cell: 778.387.3425

  • Conducted largest study of U.S. voters (2000, 2008)

“The best polls suggest the Republicans are likely to win the House, Obama is still most likely to win the presidency, and the Senate is up for grabs,” Johnston told UBC Reports. “So this is likely to be another inconclusive election. The political system will remain divided and neither side will get to do what it wants.”

Paul Quirk
Phil Lind Chair in U.S. Politics and Representation
Cell: 604.738.6409

  • The election and its consequences

“One issue to watch is the Republicans’ effort to change voting regulations in some states, particular swing states, Quirk told UBC Reports. “If successful, this could result in voter suppression among African-Americans and lower-income voters.”

Andrew Owen
Dept. of Political Science
Cell: 778.938.2468

  • How citizens choose candidates
  • Impact of economy, debates and advertising on voters

“The real action in the campaign’s closing days will be the so-called ‘ground war’ in swing states,” said Owen. “Parties will focus resources on getting supporters to the polls.”


Werner Antweiler
UBC Sauder School of Business
Tel: 604-822-8484 (available starting at 9 a.m.)

  • The economic impact of the election results
  • Impact on U.S.-Canada trade if Washington State passes a referendum to legalize marijuana
  • Impact of new Windsor-Detroit bridge if Michigan approves project

Marit Rehavi
Dept. of Economics
Email: (arrange interviews in advance by email)

  • U.S. economy, health care and the “fiscal cliff”
  • Will watch the election at the U.S. Consulate

Bruce Baum
Dept. Political Science
Email: (arrange interviews by email)

  • Race, racism and U.S. politics

“Conservative responses to Obama are mediated — sometimes unconsciously — by the legacy of racism in the U.S.,” wrote Baum in the New York Times.

Kathryn Harrison
Dept. of Political Science
Cell: 778-968-4923

Dr. Evan Wood
Co-Director, Urban Health Research Initiative, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Contact via Kevin Hollett, Communications Coordinator
Tel: 604.682.2344 ext 66536
Cell: 778.848.3420

  • Legalization and taxation of marijuana
  • Implications of funding addiction treatment

“From a public-health and community-safety perspective, since marijuana remains illegal in Canada, Initiative 502 has the potential to take away local organized crime’s biggest cash cow,” said Wood.


Event: “Decoding the U.S. election: What happened and what it means”
Nov. 7
1:30-3 p.m.
Henry Angus Building (Room 254), 2053 Mail Mall


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