UBC Reports | Vol. 59 | No. 1 | Dec. 18, 2012

UBC Reports

December 2012

The Next Big Thing in 2013, and beyond

Experts at the University of British Columbia once again discuss The Next Big Thing that will impact our lives. Almost every January since 2006, UBC Reports has printed researcher projections to convey the powerful possibilities of research discovery.

Chris Harvey-Clark, Director, UBC Animal Care Services. Martin Dee Photograph.

Medical maggots: back to the future with limb-saving larvae

Larvae can clean dead tissue from wounds, and may be a more effective treatment than drugs.

Chris Harvey-Clark, Director, Animal Care Services

AJung Moon, PhD student, UBC Collaborative Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (CARIS). Martin Dee Photograph.

The ethical robot

From playrooms to bedrooms to battlefields, robots are part of modern life. And they are about to create some novel dilemmas for humans.

AJung Moon, PhD student, CARIS Lab

Prof. Jane Roskams, UBC’s Brain Research Centre and Life Sciences Institute. Martin Dee Photograph.

Neuroscience and the eradication of brain injuries

In the world of brain injury, a trifecta of technologies is driving the translation of research into real hope for patients, soldiers and athletes of all ages.

Jane Roskams, Professor, UBC's Brain Research Centre and Life Sciences Institute

Timothy J. Kieffer, professor in the UBC Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences and the Department of Surgery and current leader of the Diabetes Research Group in the Life Sciences Centre (www.diabetes.ubc.ca). Martin Dee Photograph.

A stem cell solution to diabetes in 10 years

The discovery of new sources of stem cells may herald the end of insulin injections.

Tim Kieffer, Head, Diabetes Research Group

Assistant Prof. Sarah Burke, Dept. of Chemistry. Martin Dee Photograph.

A new generation of solar power, Part 1.

Organic solar cells are the basis of a new class of materials and may be the key to abundant, accessible solar energy.

Sarah Burke, Assistant Professor, Depts. of Physics & Astronomy and Chemistry

Alireza Nojeh, associate professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Martin Dee Photograph.

A new generation of solar power, Part 2.

UBC researchers have discovered a potential new way to trap heat with nanotechnology that promises more efficient solar power.

Alireza Nojeh, Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Warren Hare and Yves Lucet

Revolutionizing road design

New technologies from UBC’s Okanagan campus are tackling the high cost of building highways.

Warren Hare, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Prof. Hans Schreier, Faculty of Land & Food Systems Martin Dee Photograph.

Water efficient food exports: less beef, more crops

Planetary water shortages and the demand for more food should lead to changes in farming and exports.

Hans Schreier, Professor, Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Rosie Redfield, professor, Dept. of Zoology, and teacher of Useful Genetics, one of UBC’s first Massively Open Online Courses. Martin Dee Photograph.

Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Increased access may equal a complete rethink of higher education.

Rosie Redfield, Professor, Dept. of Zoology and instructor of one of UBC’s first MOOCs, Useful Genetics.

Cloud U – UBC ventures boldly into the virtual university

Cloud U – UBC ventures boldly into the virtual university

Three leaders talk about the brave new world awaiting UBC students in ten years.

A Q and A with Pierre Ouillet, Vice President, Finance; Wes Pue, Provost, UBC’s Okanagan campus; Hugh Brock, Associate Provost, Academic Innovation, UBC’s Vancouver campus


Highlights of UBC media coverage in December 2012

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